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Functional Adult Literacy (FAL)

Functional Adult Literacy (FAL)

Adult education for poverty reduction apart from clear policy and resources, require systematic and participatory livelihood programs. dvv international among others deals with the promotion of innovative and goal oriented practices like the Functional Adult Literacy (FAL).

FAL is the approach that provides skills on reading, writing and counting integrated with practical knowledge and skills. It is a participatory approach that motivates the learners to continue searching for knowledge and skills, which help them to improve on whatever they are engaged in for the betterment of their lives and the communities where they live.

dvv international is supporting FAL pilot projects through different partners and helps to introduce new approaches to improve and replace traditional literacy programmes in Ethiopia.The objectives are to initiate FAL pilot projects in rural areas, to link literacy education with livelihood skill training and to empower illiterate/semi-illiterate youth and adults to fight poverty. dvv international also engages in supporting systematic training and teaching/learning materials for planners, instructors and experts. In addition, dvv develops training of trainers’ (TOT) manual for CSTC coordinators and FAL facilitators.

In Ethiopia, adult literacy programme has been undertaken by government, non-governmental organizations and the societies for years. It is known that, the organizations that undertake this programme have their own curriculum, leadership, implementation, and assessment and examination strategies and work separately.

In order to coordinate and help the previously isolated effort made by different organizations and effectively implement the adult literacy strategy prepared at the national level, it is mandatory to have one and uniform implementation guidelines. Based on the educational sector development programme-ESDP-III and National Adult Literacy Strategy MoE together with dvv international launched FAL implementation guideline to perform and strengthen the programme effectively and efficiently.